June 16, 2018 Danny Kirwan

     Got To Move Fleetwood Mac   Albatross Fleetwood Mac   Jigsaw Puzzle   Blues Fleetwood Mac   Oh Well Pt. 1   live Fleetwood Mac   My Dream Fleetwood Mac   Without You Fleetwood Mac   The Green Manalishi (live) Fleetwood Mac   World in Harmony Fleetwood Mac   When I See My   Baby Fleetwood Mac   Tell Me All   The Things You Do Fleetwood Mac   Earl Gray Fleetwood Mac   Buddy's Song   Fleetwood Mac   Black Magic   Woman Fleetwood Mac   Future Games Fleetwood Mac   Sunny Side of   Heaven Fleetwood Mac   Danny's Chant Fleetwood Mac   Dust Fleetwood Mac   Trinity (Bare Trees Outtake) Fleetwood Mac   Teach Your Children Graham Nash   I Got a Bad   Feelin' Doug MacLeod   The Night of   the Devil's Road Doug MacLeod   Bare Trees   Fleetwood Mac   One Together    Fleetwood Mac    

June 9, 2018 Sibling Rivalry

     Sweet  Jane Cowboy Junkies   One Too Many   Mornings Johnny Cash & The   Avett Brothers   Claudette The Everly   Brothers/Albert Lee   Where Have All   the Good Times Gone Kinks   Cast Off All   My Fears Hour Glass    Radioactive Kings Of Leon   Oh How She   Rides  James and the Good   Brothers   The Shape of   Things to Come Ramones   Sympathy For   The Devil  Black Crowes   Tried So Hard   NY Gene Clark w/   Clarence White    Triad The Byrds   Time Has Come   Today Chambers Brothers   I Want to Take   You Higher  Sly & the Family   Stone   Caroline No Beach Boys/Timothy B.   Schmidt lead voc.   Toulouse   Street The Doobie Brothers   Respectable Isley Brothers   Lady   Writer  Dire Straits   Someday Never   Comes Creedence Clearwater   Revival   Heart/Love   Hurts  Heart   Special Care 3 Fanny   Dear Mr   Kissinger The Bee Gees   Old   Friend  The Burns Sisters   We Are Not   Helpless Stephen Stills    

June 2, 2018 Your Concert Tour

     America  Simon &   Garfunkel   Boston The Byrds   Bleecker &   McDougald  Fred Neil   Florida Key The New Basement   Tapes   Georgia On A   Fast Train BR5-49   Uneasy   Rider  Charlie Daniels Band   Jackson Lee Hazlewood &   Nancy Sinatra   Alabama   Getaway  Billy & The Kids   Going Back to   Memphis Levon Helm & the   RCO All Stars   Rocky Top Phish   All The Lilacs   In Ohio John Hiatt   Lincoln Park   Pirates Steve Goodman   Mister And   Mississippi  Tennessee Ernie Ford   Stupid Texas   Song  Austin Lounge Lizards   I've Been   Everywhere Johnny Cash   11. Kansas   City Southern Gene Clark   Telephone Road Rodney Crowell   Cadillac   Ranch  Bruce Springsteen   Ooh Las   Vegas  Emmylou Harris   Blue Canadian   Rockies The Byrds   Colorado  The Flying Burrito   Byrds    I'm An Old   Cowhand (From The Rio Grande) Dan Hicks   San Francisco   Bay Blues Hot Tuna   The Tiki Bar   Is Open John Hiatt   California   Sun  Rivieras   Homeward Bound Fleetwood Mac    

May 26, 2018 Sailing

     Sailing The Sutherland   Brothers   When the Ship   Comes In Arlo Guthrie   Boots of   Spanish Leather Bob Dylan   Catch the Wind Blues Project   Song to the   Siren (live Monkees TV 1966) Tim Buckley   Sailor  Jethro Tull   Sloop John B Beach Boys   Southern Cross   live CSN    Sailing On A   River Glass Harp   Come On Down   To My Boat Baby The Gods   Lost Sailor   live Grateful Dead   White   Squall  Stan Rogers   Tinker,   Tailor, Soldier, Sailor  The Yardbirds   Sailor's   Lament  Creedence Clearwater   Revisited   Into the   Mystic unreleased take 11 Van Morrison   Ride Captain   Ride Blues Image   Wooden Ships   (Demo)  Stephen Stills   Wooden Ships   (Live in 1974) Stephen Stills   Pleasures of   the Harbor  Phil Ochs   Nantucket   Sleighride  Mountain    The Sinking of   the Reuben James The Kingston Trio   The Lee Shore CSNY/Stephen lead voc    

May 19, 2018 Richard Thompson

Jimmy   Shands  Richard   Thompson   It's Alright,   Ma, It's Only Witchcraft Fairport Convention   Gypsy Love   Songs Richard Thompson   Shoot Out the   Lights (live) Richard Thompson   Dimming Of The   Day Linda Thompson   Watch Me Go Richard Thompson   Shane And   Dixie  Richard Thompson   Shenandoah  Richard Thompson   I   Misunderstood Richard Thompson   I Feel So   Good  Richard Thompson   Bathsheba   Smiles  Richard Thompson   Season Of The   Witch  Richard Thompson   She May Call   You Up Tonight Richard Thompson   Straight and   Narrow Richard   Thompson/Siobhan Kennedy   Wall Of   Death  Nanci Griffith   Woodstock Richard Thompson   I Heard it   Through the Grapevine  Richard Thompson   & Roy Wood    Beeswing Richard Thompson   Track 08 1952   Vincent Black Lightning  Richard Thompson   I Ain't   Marchin' Anymore live w/extra verses Richard Thompson    Keep Your   Distance  Richard Thompson   & Roger McGuinn   Tear Stained   Letter  Richard Thompson    

May 12, 2018 Mothers Day

      Mama   Dont Allow Doc Watson/Sam   Bush/Merle Watson   Blues for   Breakfast  Mama Cass   Mama Said   There'd Be Days Like This Van Morrison   Does Your   Mother Know Gordon Lightfoot   Circle Of   Steel  Gordon Lightfoot   Love is Just a   Four Letter Word live  Joan Baez   Please, Mrs.   Henry Bob Dylan And The   Band   Mama Tried   live  Everly Brothers   Mothers Little   Helper Rolling Stones   For A Thousand   Mothers  Jethro Tull   Mama Told Me Eric Burdon   No Sugar   - New Mother Nature The Guess Who   He Thinks   He'll Keep Her Mary Chapin Carpenter   My Guitar   Wants To Kill Your Mama  Frank Zappa & The   Mothers Of Invention   Momma Don't   Allow Austin Lounge Lizards   Harry, You're   A Best Frank Zappa & The   Mothers Of Invention   Julia Beatles   Tupelo   Honey  Van Morrison   Every Mother's   Son Traffic   From Four   Until Late Joe Rollin Porter   Mother Knows   Best  Richard Thompson   This Is To   Mother You  Linda Ronstadt &   Emmylou Harris   Unwed Fathers John Prine   You Never Even   Call Me by My Name Steve Goodman   Thank You for   the Days  The Kinks   Mother's   Lament Cream   So Long, Mom   (A Song For World War III)  Tom Lehrer   Hound Dog  Van Morrison    

May 5, 2018 Live at the Fillmore

      Season   Of The Witch (Live)  Bloomfield,   Kooper, Stills   White Bird   live It's a Beautiful Day   Fat Angel Jefferson Airlplane   Turn! Turn!   Turn!/Mr. Tambourine Man/Eight Miles High The Byrds   Black Magic   Woman (live) Fleetwood Mac   Little   Wing  Derek & The   Dominoes   B04-Box Of   Rain Phil Lesh &   Friends (Warren Haynes)   Soul Sacrifice Santana   For Yasgur's   Farm Mountain   Student   Demonstration Time  Beach Boys   America Hot Tuna   Ohio Crosby, Stills, Nash   & Young   I'm Your   Captain (Closer to Home) live Grand Funk Railroad   I Know You   Rider  Grateful Dead   In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed  The Allman Brothers Band    

April 28, 2018 Animalized!

      Baby Let   Me Take You Home The Animals   Around and   Around The Animals   Boom Boom The Animals   It's My Life The Animals   Don't Let Me   Be Misunderstood The Animals   Don't Bring Me   Down (live) The Animals   Work Song The Animals   The Other Side   of This Life The Animals   Ginhouse   Blues  The Animals   San Franciscan   Nights  Eric Burdon & The   Animals   When I Was   Young Eric Burdon & The   Animals   Paint it Black Eric Burdon & The   Animals   Monterey Eric Burdon & The   Animals   Sky Pilot live Eric Burdon   St. James   Infirmary Eric Burdon & The   Animals   River Deep,   Mountain High Eric Burdon & The   Animals   Coloured Rain   (Andy Summers 4-min. solo) Eric Burdon & The   Animals   Ring of Fire Eric Burdon & The   Animals   To Love   Somebody Eric Burdon & The   Animals   It's All Over   Now, Baby Blue The Original Animals   Badlands Bruce Springsteen   Loose Change The Animals   House of the   Rising Sun (live) The Animals   We Gotta Get   Out of This Place live The Animals     

April 21, 2018 Vinyl Day     

Walk Right   In  Rooftop Singers   Old 97 Tom Rush   Girl in Your   Eye Spirit   Straight Arrow Spirit   Julia Dream Pink Floyd   Careful With   That Axe, Eugene Pink Floyd   Take What You   Need Steppenwolf   A Girl I Knew Steppenwolf   Special Care Buffalo Springfield   Uno Mundo   (Live in Dallas) Buffalo Springfield   I Am Yours Derek & The   Dominos   Anyday Derek & The   Dominoes   Look Out   Cleveland The Band   Jawbone The Band   Unfaithful   Servant The Band   King Harvest   (Has Surely Come) The Band   Departure/Ride   My See-Saw Moody Blues   Dr. Livingston   I Presume Moody Blues   Silver Paper Mountain   My Little Red   Book Love   Can't Explain Love   Hungry Freaks,   Daddy Frank Zappa & the   Mothers of Invention   I Ain't Got No   Heart Frank Zappa & the   Mothers of Invention   Who Are The   Brain Police  Frank Zappa   I Guess You   Made It Poco   Hear That  Music [Live] Poco   Kind Woman   [Live]  Poco   Let Me Be Turtles   People Like   You  McGuffey Lane   Long Time   Loving You  McGuffey Lane    

      April 14, 2018 RRHOF Non-Performers

     See My Friends The Kinks   Know You Got   to Run Stephen Stills   Country Girl Crosby, Nash, Stills   and Young   Not Fade Away Rolling Stones   Johnny B.   Goode  Jimi Hendrix   Just One Smile Dusty Springfield   Baby Come On   Home (Tribute to Bert Berns) Led Zeppelin   Piece of My   Heart Erma Franklin   I (Who Have   Nothing) Terry Knight &   The Pack   Only In   America Jay & the   Americans   We Gotta Get   Out Of This Place  Grand Funk Railroad   Sometime in   the Morning The Monkees   So Much   Love/Underture  Blood, Sweat &   Tears   Wasn't Born to   Follow  The Byrds  Peter Gunn   Theme Emerson Lake &   Palmer   Apricot Brandy Rhinoceros   Go Back Crabby Appleton   Black Roses Clear Light   I Can Hear   Music The Beach Boys   River Deep,   Mountain High (Live on German TV) The Easybeats   All Along The   Watchtower Spirit   Dino's Song Quicksilver Messenger   Service   Don't Make   Promises The Beau Brummels   Deep   Water  Beau Brummels   Got To Get   Better In a Little While  Derek & The   Dominoes    

      April 7, 2018 Tribute to MLK

     MLK death   announcement Walter Cronkite   God Rest His   Soul (To MLK  31st of February   (Allman Brothers)   My Name is   Emmett Till Emmylou Harris   Maggie's Farm Grateful Dead   Only a Pawn in   Their Game Bob Dylan/Joan Baez   A Change Is   Gonna Come Sam Cooke   Lyndon Johnson   Told The Nation [Live] Tom Paxton   Ball Of   Confusion (That's What The World Is Today) The Temptations   Blackjack   County Chains Del McCoury   Many a Mile to   Freedom Traffic   Freedom Rider   Traffic  People Get   Ready Vanilla Fudge   A Simple   Desultory Philippic (Or How I Was Lyndon Johnson'd Into Submission) Paul Simon   Too Many   Martyrs Phil Ochs   Chimes of   Freedom Bob Dylan, Joan Baez,   Arlo Guthrie   Simple Song of   Freedom Bobby Darin   (namechecks Tim Hardin)   Find The Cost   Of Freedom (live) Crosby, Stills, Nash   & Young   Crucifixion Garnet Rogers   Mississippi   Goddam  Nina Simone   Abraham Martin   and John Emmylou Harris and   the Nash Ramblers   MLK's last   speech 4 3 68  Martin Luther King,   Jr.   

        March 24, 2018 Road Trip!

Rocket   88 Jackie Brenston   & His Delta Cats   Highway 49 Howlin Wolf and the   Yardbirds   Ballad Of   Thunder Road Robert Mitchum   Highway 61   Revisited (Take 5, Complete) Bob Dylan   Take The Blue   Highway Dean Milano   Pacific Coast   Highway Mamas & Papas   Carefree   Highway Gordon Lightfoot   105 Fred Eaglesmith   The Way  Fastball   The Traveling   Kind Emmylou Harris/Rodney   Crowell   Back To The   Family  Jethro Tull   24 Hours From   Tulsa Ian & Sylvia   Canol Road Stan Rogers   From A   Buick-6  Mark Bilyeu &   Cary Hudson   Losers'   Avenue  Commander Cody   The Best Way   To Travel Moody Blues   Running Down   the Highway New York Rock &   Roll Ensemble   Carl Perkins'   Cadillac  Drive By Truckers   Ford Econoline Nanci Griffith   Toulouse   Street The Doobie Brothers   Crossroads Glass Harp   Deuce And A   Quarter Keith Richards &   Levon Helm   Further On Up   The Road  Johnny Cash   Dark End of   the Street Linda Rondstat   Bright Side Of   The Road Van Morrison   She Rides  Eric Clapton 

March 17, 2018 

       Oh In   The Morning McKendree   Spring   The Luck Of   The Irish John Lennon   County Down Van Morrison &   The Chieftans   It's All Over   Now, Baby Blue  Annie Haslam &   Steve Howe   Cry Me A River Moanin' Michelle   Malone & The Low-Down Georgia Revue   I Talk to the   Wind Giles, Giles &   Fripp w/Judy Dyble   Red Headed   Woman (live)  Bruce Springsteen,   Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt   Bonny Swans   (IF) Loreena McKennitt   Cowboy Song Thin Lizzy   Last Night I   Had the Strangest Dream (verse about Ed McCurdy) Carolyn Hester    Kiss My Irish   Ass  Great Big Sea   Irish message   to Trump 3 17 17 Enda Kennedy, Irish   PM   Peace, Love   and Understanding  Elvis Costello   (Declan MacManus)   Satellite of   Love (Bruce/Ringo) U2   Whiskey In The   Jar  Grateful Dead   Zombie The Cranberries   From Galway To   Graceland Richard Thompson   Who's Driving   This Bus? Doug MacLeod   Mrs.   McGrath  Bruce Springsteen   Paris James McMurtry   The Sunnyside   Of The Street  The Pogues   This Precious   Time Barry McGuire (Mamas   & Papas)   Hey Joe   (Live)  Rory Gallagher      

March 10, 2018 Women's Day

      Jolene Rhonda Vincent   And The Rage   Legend of a   Girl Child Linda Joan Baez & Mimi   Fariña & Judy Collins   Happiness Runs   (Donovan story) Christine Lavin   Heart Like a   Wheel Kate and Anna   McGarrigle    Don't Think   Twice, It's Alright  Susan Tedeschi   Sunny Came   Home  Shawn Colvin   Wilder Than   Her Dar Williams   Wayside / Back   In Time Gillian Welch   Chinese   Cafe/Unchained Melody  Joni Mitchell   No Regrets Emmylou Harris   My Baby Thinks   He's a Train  Rosanne Cash w/Albert   Lee   Here Come   Floyd  Cheryl Wheeler   I Just Wanted   To See You So Bad Lucinda Williams   Combination of   the Two Janis Joplin/Big   Brother & the Holding Company   Amsterdam Janis Ian   Sweet   Marijuana Brown  Mimi Hart & the   Hotcakes   Poor Poor   Pitiful Me Linda Rondstadt    Big Boned Gal k.d. lang   Going Through   The Motions Aimee Mann   The Bug Mary Chapin Carpenter   Can't Find My   Way Home Alison Krauss   Highway 9 iraq vets getcher big trucks rollin Eliza Gilkyson   Bleecker   Street  Jonatha Brooke    Who Knows   Where The Time Goes? Eva Cassidy