...the way FM radio was in the 60s - no commercials, all music and musings

What is a Radiothon?

Radiothon is WCSB's annual fundraising week. This year's Radiothon Show is Saturday November 16th, 9-11am EST.  To get in on all the fun, call 216.687.6900 between 9 and 11 am EDT on November 16th and donate - and receive your premiums.

In addition to the premiums listed below, WCSB adds to your haul by doubling your premiums with many of their own, which can be viewed (soon) at wcsb.org

WCSB is a nonprofit, noncommercial, live, local terrestrial radio station (89.3fm Cleveland) that also streams on the web at wcsb.org. 100% of our operating funds come from you, the loyal listener! 

Steve's Folk Radio Show offers show premiums in addition to the generous station premiums (found at wcsb.org), so you get a lot of bang for your buck. Here are this year's premiums: 


Steve's Folk's Radiothon Premiums

Here's how it works: 

$15 donation/one 2CD show, or 2 downloaded shows

$25 donation/two 2CD shows, or 4 downloaded shows

$50 donation/five 2CD shows, or 10 downloaded shows

$100 donation/twelve 2CD shows, or 24 downloaded shows

Each CD is approximately one hour in length.

Each show is 2 hours in length.

This year we have a 3rd bonus! Never before offered! In addition to all the above, you get a bonus starting at the $100 level: a free WCSB logo t-shirt sized S, M, L, or XL! And for every additional $50 donated, you'll get an ADDITIONAL free t-shirt. Be a fashion trendsetter or give as gifts!

2019 Shows

1. 1969 Debut Albums – Albums like Blind Faith, Chicago Transit Authority, Yes, It’s a Beautiful Day and many others.

2. 1969 Songs – songs from the likes of Linda, Bob, Dusty, Townes, Janis, Poco, Moby and many others.

3. Abbey Road 50th Anniversary – two hours of all the new just-released recordings

4. Atlantic City Pop Festival – 2 weeks before Woodstock

5. Beatles Covers #1 - yeah, yeah, yeah.

6. Beatles Covers #2 - more yeahs

7. Buddy to the Beatles – songs from 1959 to 1963 – the years the music didn’t die.

8. Cleveland 1963-1973 – all our local heroes

9. Cover Songs #1 – great songs reimagined

10. Dead Guys of 2018 – may their music live on.

11. Deep Tracks #1 – obscure cuts from great albums

12. Fantasy Fair Festival – The first big music fair a few weeks before Monterey

13. Fred Neil – Every folksinger’s idol

14. Guitar Solos – says it all

15. Isle of Wight Festival – 600,000 Brits can’t all be wrong.

16. Joni Mitchell – she of the many tunings

17. Kent State 49th Anniversary -  Songs of the Resistance

18. Live at the Fillmore – music from the houses that Graham built

19. Lyricists – poetry put to melody.

20. Mythical Figures – songs about god, goddesses and the bad guys too

21. Red White & Blue – songs of America

22. Richard Thompson 70th Birthday – he’s only getting better, if that’s even possible.

23. Rock & Soul Music – a marriage made right here on earth

24. Rockabilly – that great subset of rock-n-roll

25. Rolling Thunder Review – Dylan and Friends rock out

26. RRHOF 25th Anniversary Concert – a bucket list of our faves

27. Smoky, Sweaty, Rowdy & Loud – all about the music in Cleveland clubs of yore

28. Songs of the Vietnam War – what got the grunts through

29. Springsteen’s 70th Birthday -He’s still the Boss

30. Summer of ’69 – Best. Year. Ever.

31. The 420 Show – smoke ‘em if ya got ‘em

32. Tom Wilson – producer extraordinaire 

33. The White Album – all the new stuff

34. Woodstock 50th Anniversary – a brand new listen to a classic festival.

2018 Shows

1a. 1967 Mix – Songs from the Summer of Love

2a. 1968 Songs #1 – It was 50 years ago today…

3a. 1968 Songs #2 - It was 50 years ago today…Part 2

4a. 1968 Debut Albums – ‘Nuff said

5a. 1970 FM Radio Songs – songs you heard in ’70 on…you guessed it

6a. Beatles Christmas Releases – all the Boys’ unreleased Christmas recordings!

7a. British Blues – Best of the Brit blues boys-n-girls

8a. Cover Me! – Great but obscure cover tunes

9a. Danny Kirwan – The little-known but stellar guitarist/songwriter who dominated the Fleetwood Mac from ’68 to ’72

10a. Dead Guys of 2017 – Songs of the Late Greats

11a. Donovan – The Sunshine Superman, cape and all

12a. Dylan Tall Tales – Some might even be true!

13a. Harry Chapin – the superb singer, poet, storyteller, crazy dude

14a. Live at the Fillmore – as opposed to the Dead at the Fillmore

15a. Local Musicians #1 – only the best!

16a. Local Musicians #2 – the rest of the best!

17a. Lost Classics - Now they’re found!

18a. Motown – What? Great covers of funky stuff

19a. Neil Young – or, as we know him now, Neil Old

20a. Newport Pop Festival – Little known Festival, revealed

21a. Nicky Hopkins –Sideman extraordinaire

22a. Psychedelic Era – Like, wow, man

23a. Radio Days – we honor the songwriters who honor radio

24a. Richard Thompson – The. Best. Ever. 

25a. Rickenbacker Guitar Show. The Beatles’ “Secret Weapon”

26a. Road Trip – Take it on the lam

27a. Sibling Rivalry – Brothers and Sisters fight it out in song

28a. Train Songs – More Rail Records

29a. Workingman Salute – Men & women at work in song

2017 shows - choose by show OR by package!

1b.  1967 #1 Psychedelia - Like, wow, man.

2b.  1967 #2 Pop Hits - Hey hey we're the flunkies.

3b.  1967 #3 Folk-Rock - Are those flowers in your hair?

4b.  1967 #4 Album Cuts - .

5b.  Fantasy Fair Festival 50th Anniversary - the most famous fair you've 

      never heard of

6b.  Monterey Pop 50th Anniversary - It all happened right here.

7b.  Sgt. Pepper's 50th Anniversary - Yeah, yeah, yeah.

8b.    Bruce Langhorne - Bobby's buddy.

9b.    Bruce Springsteen - The Boss.

10b.  Chris Hillman - Byrds, Burritos, Desert Rose Band.

11b.  Chuck Berry - He invented most of this.

12b.  Emmylou Harris - I saw her first!

13b.  Everly Brothers - Everyone copied them, no one was better.

14b.  Gene Clark - My personal fave.

15b.  George Harrison - Except for George, that is.

16b.  Jeff Lynne - George's personal fave.

17b.  Johnny Cash - John Wayne, but on our side.

18b.  Leonard Cohen - The other man in black.

19b.  Mama Cass - Oh, mama!

20b.  Van Morrison - The Man.

21b.  Billy & The Kids/Grateful Dead Show

22b.  Canada's 150th Birthday Show

23b.  Dead Guys of 2016 Show

24b.  Greenwich Village Show

25b.  The Last Waltz Show

26b.  Kerrville Folk Festival

27b.  '67 Battle of the Coasts - SF vs. NYC

The following packages are available as CDs or DOWNLOADS (Each show is 2 hours long!):

(A) Baker’s Dozen Package (13 Shows - 26 hours) $100/CDs - $50/download 

Bruce Langhorne, Bruce Springsteen, Chris Hillman, Chuck Berry, Emmylou, Everlys, Gene Clark, George Harrison, Jeff Lynne, Johnny Cash, Leonard Cohen, Mama Cass, Van Morrison

(B) 1967 Package (9 shows - 18 hours)  $100 if CDs, $50 if download

1967 #1 Psychedelia

1967 #2 Pop Hits

1967 #3 Folk-Rock

1967 #4 Album Cuts

1967 #5 Five 1967 Albums -Buckley, Beaus, G-Roots, Y-Birds, M-Grape

1967 #6 San Franciso vs. New York City

Fantasy Fair Festival 50th Anniversary

Monterey Pop 50th Anniversary

Sgt. Pepper's 50th Anniversary

(C) Bob Dylan Package (6 shows - 12 hours) $75 if CDs, $40 if download 

Blonde on Blonde, Dylan’s Nobel Prize, Dylan Covers, The Dylan! show, Bob Dylan & The Band at Madison Square Garden Jan 31, 1974, and the Bob Dylan Birthday Bash.

(D) Festival Ticket Package (13 shows - 26 hrs.) $150 if CDs, $75 if download

Festival Express, Fantasy Fair, Woodstock, Monterey Pop, Atlantic Pop, Texas Pop, Miami Pop II, Isle of Wight 1970, Big Sur Folk, Altamont Speedway, Newport 1959/2012,1995 RRHOF Stadium Concert, Kerrville Folk Festival