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What is a Radiothon?

Radiothon is WCSB's annual fundraising week, usually in November. WCSB is a nonprofit, noncommercial, live, local terrestrial radio station (89.3fm Cleveland) that also streams in the web at 100% of our operating funds come from you, the loyal listener! Steve's Folk Radio Show offers show premiums in addition to the generous station premiums, so you get a lot of bang for your buck. Check back for details on our 2018 edition!

Past Radiothon Premiums


Steve's Folk Radio Show premiums

Steve’s Folk Radio Show T-Shirt
: Back by popular demand, and it’s a beaut! Limited availability. First come, first served. Sizes M-L-XL  $20 donation.


2017 shows - choose by show OR by package!

Individual Shows - All shows are 2 CDs Price $20 includes 2 CDs, tax & shipping

1a.  1967 #1 Psychedelia - Like, wow, man.

2a.  1967 #2 Pop Hits - Hey hey we're the flunkies.

3a.  1967 #3 Folk-Rock - Are those flowers in your hair?

4a.  1967 #4 Album Cuts - .

5a.  Fantasy Fair Festival 50th Anniversary - the most famous fair you've 

      never heard of

6a.  Monterey Pop 50th Anniversary - It all happened right here.

7a.  Sgt. Pepper's 50th Anniversary - Yeah, yeah, yeah.

8a.    Bruce Langhorne - Bobby's buddy.

9a.    Bruce Springsteen - The Boss.

10a.  Chris Hillman - Byrds, Burritos, Desert Rose Band.

11a.  Chuck Berry - He invented most of this.

12a.  Emmylou Harris - I saw her first!

13a.  Everly Brothers - Everyone copied them, no one was better.

14a.  Gene Clark - My personal fave.

15a.  George Harrison - Except for George, that is.

16a.  Jeff Lynne - George's personal fave.

17a.  Johnny Cash - John Wayne, but on our side.

18a.  Leonard Cohen - The other man in black.

19a.  Mama Cass - Oh, mama!

20a.  Van Morrison - The Man.

21a.  Billy & The Kids/Grateful Dead Show

22a.  Canada's 150th Birthday Show

23a.  Dead Guys of 2016 Show

24a.  Greenwich Village Show

25a.  The Last Waltz Show

26a.  Kerrville Fost Festival

27a.  '67 Battle of the Coasts - SF vs. NYC

The following packages are available as CDs or DOWNLOADS (Each show is 2 hours long!):

(A) Baker’s Dozen Package (13 Shows - 26 hours) $100/CDs - $50/download 

Bruce Langhorne, Bruce Springsteen, Chris Hillman, Chuck Berry, Emmylou, Everlys, Gene Clark, George Harrison, Jeff Lynne, Johnny Cash, Leonard Cohen, Mama Cass, Van Morrison

(B) 1967 Package (9 shows - 18 hours)  $75CDs - $40/download

1967 #1 Psychedelia

1967 #2 Pop Hits

1967 #3 Folk-Rock

1967 #4 Album Cuts

1967 #5 Five 1967 Albums -Buckley, Beaus, G-Roots, Y-Birds, M-Grape

1967 #6 San Franciso vs. New York City

Fantasy Fair Festival 50th Anniversary

Monterey Pop 50th Anniversary

Sgt. Pepper's 50th Anniversary

(C) Bob Dylan Package (6 shows - 12 hours) $50/CDs - $25/download Blonde on Blonde, Dylan’s Nobel Prize, Dylan Covers, The Dylan! show, Bob Dylan & The Band at Madison Square Garden Jan 31, 1974, and the Bob Dylan Birthday Bash.

(D) Festival Ticket Package (13 shows - 26 hrs.) $100 Festival Express, Fantasy Fair, Woodstock, Monterey Pop, Atlantic Pop, Texas Pop, Miami Pop II, Isle of Wight 1970, Big Sur Folk, Altamont Speedway, Newport 1959/2012,1995 RRHOF Stadium Concert, Kerrville Folk

Other individual shows:


1b.   12-String Guitar – The greatest players double up for two guitar's      worth of sound! Bob Gibson, Gordon Lightfoot, Roger McGuinn and              a host of others!

2b.     Al Kooper - Yes, the guy who helped Dylan go electric, formed  Blood, Sweat & Tears, and basically changed rock & roll wth his bare hands.

3b.     Albert Lee - There is literally no one whom Albert did not play with.

4b.     Bob Johnston - "Are we rolling, Bob?" The greatest producer, ever, and all his productions.

5b.     David Bowie - Our tribute to the Thin White Duke.

6b.     John Prine - Coming in a close second, John's simple melodies  haunt and inspire us.

7b.     Keith Emerson - Prog rock's greatest innovator.

8b.     Merle Haggard - We lost a great one, but he lives on here, at least for 2 more hours!

9b.     Phil Ochs - a troubled genius, he sang us the news in the most poetic way possible.

10b.    Stephen Stills - Mad genius, great guitarist, incredible songwriter. 

11b.    Tom Waits - See Still's description, only gravelly.

12b.    Woodstock - The most comprehensive Woodstock show ever. And              I'm being modest.

2015 SHOWS

All shows are 2 CDs unless marked

1c) 1965 in Music - One CD – From Glen Yarborough, a young Gram                  Parsons to a yet-unknown Judy Collins and of course some of those            Brits, ’65 was one helluva year for music.

2c)  1968 in Music – The Velvets, Steppenwolf, BS&T, Mamas and Papas, Quicksilver, Randy Newman and much more!

3c)  20 Feet from Stardom – All the backup and harmony singers who rarely get their due credit – well, they get it here!

4c)  Dead Guy Show - Johnny Winter, Jack Bruce, Tommy Ramone, Bobby Keys, all the greats who passed in 2014 stay alive on this show.

5c)  The Elvis Show – Jimi Hendrix doing Hound Dog? You betcha! This and many more tributes to The King.

6c)  The Fred Neil Show – Yes, that guy. The guy every other folkie                  wanted to write and sing like. Fred originals and Fred covers. All Fred, all the time!

7c)  The John Lennon Show – Simply. The. Best. Ever.

8c)  The Smothers Brothers Show – Songs that the comedy duo featured during their 3-year TV stint. Donovan, Joan Baez, The Byrds, Mason Williams and a guy name George.

9c)  The Steel Guitar Show – Rusty Young, Buddy Emmons, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, John McEuen, Paul Franklin, all the greats in one place!

10c) The Wrecking Crew Show – The story behind the sound of the most prolific session players known to man and music!

OLDER SHOWS (All shows are 2 CDs)

1d) Isle of Wight 1970: 600,000 screaming Brits can't all be wrong.

2d) Linda Ronstadt: The Queen of Rock and Roll.

3d) Miami Pop: Without Miami, there wouldn't have been Woodstock.

4d) Phil Ochs: The Singing Journalist

5d) Stevie Winwood: The other Stevie Wonder

6d) The Byrds show- Flyin' high with Roger, David and Chris. 2 CDs

7d) The Donovan show – the Sunshine Superman shines his lovelight on us.   2 CDs

8d) The James Burton show –Tribute to the Master of the Telecaster and his 50+ year     career as the best 6-string superstar that you’ve never heard of. 2CDs

9d) The Love for Levon show– preview of the new tribute album to the  man who made The Band, well, The Band. And did it with a smile and an Arkansan drawl. 1 CD

10d) The New 420 show – How drugs influenced the trajectory of music, as told by that music. 2 CDs

11d) The Nick Lowe show – a little peace, love and understanding from the inventor of pub rock. 2 CDs

12d) The Otis Redding show –The King of Soul. 2 CDs

13d) The Richard Thompson show – British folk-rock’s bestest ever. 2 CDs

14d) The Richie Havens show –a tribute to the man who single-handedly saved the 60s. 2 CDs

15d) The Yardbirds show –tribute to the first and greatest Guitar Army ever. 2 CDs. 

16d) Doc Watson Show - 1-hour tribute to the late, great pride of Deep Gap, No'th Car'lina. Doc Rock. First aired June 2nd. 1 CD

17d) Festival Express Show - All aboard with The Band, The Dead, and Janis for a cross-Canada trip, and I do mean trip. First aired June 9th, 2012.   1 CD

18d) Woody Guthrie Show - We celebrate Woody's 100th with music from his many proteges. Happy Birthday, you old Commie. First aired July 14, 2012. 2 CDs

19d) Emmylou Harris Live at The Boarding House, with Glen Hardin, James Burton and the rest of the Hot Band – oh the humanity!

20d) Eric Clapton & Friends live at the Fillmore East Oct 24, 1970 - If lapton is God, then this is gospel music.

21d) The Joan Baez Show – four operatic octaves of folk perfection.

22d) San Francisco Sounds - you know, the music that made Los Angeles go and get their own sound. 2 CDs

23d) The Mary Travers Show - a musical tribute to the late queen of folk music.

24d) Live at La Cave - 23 live tracks from Cleveland's most famous folk/rock club of the 60's!  Judy Collins, Jose Feliciano, Gordon Lightfoot and many others.  1 CD